The Hollow Curse
Stephen B. Pearl

A paranormal-romance, erotica (romantica) novel

Rated NC17 - Adult content - explicit sexuality.

Published by
Club Lighthouse Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-1897532539.

Location: historic and present day UK, USA and Canada - York, England; Colorado Territories, USA; southern Ontario, Canada.

The Hollow Curse book cover - paranormal romance erotica

Available from: Club Lighthouse Publishing,
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Chapter 3
Echoes Of A Love Lost

     Alysia sat at the kitchen table and took a long swallow of ice water, but it did nothing to cool the heat that was burning in her.

     "Goddess, this woman could write! It's like I was there," she muttered as she pulled out another letter from the middle of the box. This one was dated January 5, 1985. There was a photograph tucked in with the letter. Alysia examined it.

     A much younger Ben stood arm in arm with a woman. Her hair was ebony black but liberally streaked with silver and fell to mid_shoulders. Her features were well carved, handsome more than pretty, striking in their power. Her figure, which was shown off by the tight fitting yellow dress she wore, was fit and lean with nice breasts.

     "Goddess, no wonder you loved her." Alysia first scanned the physical photograph then shifting her vision gazed at the aura traces. The woman almost exploded with gold, the colour of love, blue, denoting intelligence, was a close second, and finally purple, for intuition and mystical abilities.

     Alysia began reading.


     Remember this day. The rain had finally stopped and we went to the carnival. I'd almost forgotten how much fun they could be. Remind me never to challenge you to a game of darts. I'm sure that stall owner will never forget. Teddy is sitting in my vanity-chair watching as I write. I wish you were here to take his place. I live for our weekends. I miss your touch, the clean, strong smell of you on my bed-sheets. My young love.

     I want to lay you down. Kiss you lightly on the lips then run my tongue along the length of your throat. I can imagine the salty, fresh taste. I can almost hear your moan as I trail my fingers over your abdomen and lightly brush your manhood. You're so rigid and long. I kiss you again and your hands stroke my breasts, gently teasing my nipples. Your tongue enters my mouth. I can hardly get enough breath as I entwine my tongue with yours. I feel your fingers run through my hair, it sends a tingle down my spine, my love...

     "Forget this!" Grabbing the shoebox and letter Alysia raced to the bedroom. It took her only seconds to pull off her jeans. She lay on Ben's bed, breathing in his fragrance and holding the letter. She closed her eyes picturing him naked, smiling at the fantasy image as she opened her eyes and continued to read.

     I break the kiss. I can feel your chest rising and falling as you fight for breath. I kiss my way down your throat. Your strong fingers trace patterns over my back. It's like trails of fire. I gently bite your nipples; you arch your back and groan like you always do. I love making you do that...

     Alysia slipped her free hand down to her sex and teased the outer lips, barely parting them. She was soaking. Spreading the moisture the length of her channel she flicked her fingers over her clit. "Uuhhhh." Breathing hard she returned to the letter.

     "I continue on, kissing over your firm, young abdomen and run my tongue the length of your shaft. You are so big. I lick a drop of sweet nectar from your nether head. You reach down and tug on my leg and I know what you want. You're the least selfish man I have ever known. I turn around, bringing my womanhood to your waiting mouth. I love the feel of your tongue parting my folds. Oh, Ben, you lick the length of me, and then take my sensitive nubbin of flesh into your mouth, gently sucking before once more lapping my length...

     "Oh, Gods." Alysia worked her fingers harder against her own sex, tracing the length of her slit and playing with her clit; imagining Ben's tongue between her legs.

     You thrust your tongue deep into me. I can feel your chin pressed against my clitoris. I want you. I swallow your manhood. Taking it as deep into my mouth as I can and scraping my teeth gently the length of your hard shaft as I back off. I hold the tip between my lips and swirl my tongue around your head, then swallow you again. You taste so good! I feel your tongue exploring the core of me. "I'm going to... I'm... Oh God, Ben... Yes!"

     "Uahh, Ben... Oh Ben... Yes!" Alysia cried into the air then collapsed on the bed. She barely had the presence of mind to place the letter on the night_stand before clutching Ben's pillow to her and sinking into a warm, hazy place bereft of thought.