The Hollow Curse by Stephen B. Pearl

A paranormal-romance, erotica (romantica) novel, spanning several centuries.

Rated NC17 - adult content - explicit sexuality.

Published by and available from Club Lighthouse Publishing.

ISBN-13: 978-1897532539.

Location: historic and present day UK, USA and Canada - York, England; Colorado Territories, USA; southern Ontario, Canada.

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  •      Ben and Alysia are the current incarnations of soul mates cursed in a previous life. Their curse was that they were to be separated by a gulf of years and social norms until they fully accept their love, share a lifetime, and raise a child together.

         This book follows them through some of their incarnations and shows how the spirit that now inhabits Dorry, Alysia's college girlfriend, who was the originator of the curse in a previous incarnation, has hounded them through life after life. The story plays out in the current day with the characters experiencing their past lives starting at the beginning of the curse as Albert, Bernidine and Darius in the fifteen hundreds.

         Duke Darius forces Bernidine, a woman half his age who is already pledged to wed her true love, Sir Albert, to marry him. When Albert infiltrates Darius' court, and has an affair with his beloved Bernadine, Darius forces a reluctant witch to cast the curse that he feels will keep the young lovers apart forever. Unable to directly oppose Darius, because of what he will do to her coven mates if she does, the witch works a clause into the spell that if Albert and Bernadine live a life and raise a child together, the curse will be broken.

         This story had me intrigued from the beginning. I loved the story and how each character became the next. Most of the characters are easy to love. The story-line kept me fascinated til the very end, even if it wasn't a "quick read". Well worth reading..Can't wait to read more by this author

         A review about The Hollow Curse is available at Julie's Book Reviews by Jennifer Wadkins. I rate this book 4 stars.

  •      Anyone Up For A Hot Erotic Romance?

         I must say it's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to read a hot erotic romance novel. And I'm not talking about your grandma's smutty harlaquin novels either. Stephen Pearl rocks out these books, which includes, Slaves of Love and the Hollow Curse.

         So, let's begin with the Hollow Curse, and allow me to enlighten you on this fantastic read. The Hollow Curse is about Ben and Alysia, incarnations of soul mates cursed in a previous life until they can accept their love. Although the book plays out in current day the characters experience their past lives from the fifteen hundreds. With dark forces and a witch casting a curse, some will do anything to keep these lovers torn apart. Through the book, the story of Ben and Andrea, Alysisa's last incarnation is spun out of control and they are forced to remember and recall their lives together. I will say this isn't your modern day love story. Boy meets girl, boy gets girl and they fall in love. This book has struggles and make you take time to reflect on your own past lives and make you think twice about holding on to vengeance towards old lovers and just live for the now.

         Slaves of Love was the exact opposite. Maybe I just enjoyed it because what girl doesn't enjoy a little dirty something now and then. Slaves of Love will take you into the life of Race, a private detective who happens to be an ex cop, but set in the year 2105. Race also has a little bit of a leftover, from a previous assignment, Ralph, an artificial personality. Then, we enter Astra, Race's secret fantasy and the key to a big time drug on the streets. This book opens up the doors between reality and fantasy and I loved every minute of it. Usually not big on science fiction but this story stood its ground and made me want more. When I came to the last page, I was like, 'That's it? That's all I get?"

         Anyhow, enough of about my thoughts, let's talk to Stephen Pearl himself and find out about how he came up with these kick ass books and what else is in store for us.

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  •      Stephen Pearl's, The Hollow Curse, is filled with intricate and fascinating characters whose relationships draw the reader in. I found the spiritual aspects of past lives and the various connections to the characters a real bonus. The Hollow Curse is a story that winds in and out through a variety of lives and ideas, but comes to a satisfying conclusion. Stephen's use of dialogue, I feel, is masterful to the point of allowing the reader to become deeply involved with the character's emotions and dilemmas. The reader is able to make a connection to his characters through the use of everyday concepts and real-life tribulations, thoughts and actions.

         I enjoyed this story immensely.

         Rhonda Wright