Sorrow's End by Stephen B. Pearl

in Samhain

A modern fantasy, romantic short story about love, loss and hope, the circle of life.

Published by and for sale at Pagan Writers Press.

ISBN-13: 978-0984680009, eISBN-13: 978-0984680016.

42 authors, 48 chapters, 18 articles, 20 poems, 7 short stories, 197 pages.

A pagan anthology celebrating Samhain, articles, poetry and short stories.

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     Love doesn't die. The spirit of Carrie guides Richard, her grieving husband, to a chance meeting with Sally, an old friend, that may give a second chance at mortal love to both of them.

     This story continues in the Yule anthology.

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     Samhain marks the end of summer and the preparation for winter. To many, Samhain is merely Halloween, but to Pagans, it is a day when the veil between the worlds is thinnest, and we can reconnect with our beloved deceased. Samhain is a joyful celebration where we invite the spirits of our loved ones into our homes to remember and honor them.

     Pagan Writers Presents Samhain is a collection of articles, poetry, and short stories. Forty Pagan writers have come together to express how we celebrate the holiday, to share their thoughts and feelings, and to entertain with stories that take place on or around the last week of October.


  •      Absolutely worth all the 5 Stars I'm giving it!

         Samhain Anthology is full of great short Articles, telling of the origin of Trick and Treats (from Foreword), embracing death instead of fearing and battling with it, making your own divination runes, and my favorite the history of Jack O' Lanterns (With October So Near)! All the articles are short, but very well but together to convey the spirit of the Sabbath/holiday, the mood of it, the celebration of it. Samhain Anthology's articles are a perfect introduction and manual for the Sabbath of Samhain, with stories about food, making wreaths and Samhain decorations, crafting runes, honoring our ancestors or setting up rituals with beautiful incantations.

         The Poetry sections I loved! .....

         The Short Stories were great, of course with any short stories they leave you wanting more when they are good and most of them I would have not mind at all reading more of! .....

         Sorrows End by Stephen B. Pearl

         He's lost her. She's lost him. A dead spouse drives both Richard and Sally to seek the lay lines of the forest nearby to ask the god and goddess to unite them with their loved ones for just one day. What they receive is a chance meeting with each other, not having seen each other in ages they remember old feelings and talk of the lost loved ones, freeing them from being bound to linger with them.

         You can't go wrong with a love story with two broken hearts, finding each other to mend and heal, and take another chance on love. I definitely wanted to read more of this. I bet a whole book could have come out of this and it would have been great!

         Nina's blog