Fan Expo 2012

     Fan Expo in Toronto is the largest genre convention in Canada and the third largest in North America, so it was great to be there as an author guest and panelist. I was located in the Guests area, close to the Back to the Future, Delorian time-machine, with 10 other authors and ~10 voice-actor guests. There were about 25 author panelists and 35+ authors in the science fiction / horror genres at the convention, plus some comic, animae and gaming writers, so it was a great place to meet authors.

     The costumes and cos play were excellent. There was a lot to see; great guests, Q&A sessions, exhibits, lots to buy and lots of people. Fan Expo is held over the last weekend in August from Thursday to Sunday.

  • INDIE GENRE FICTION Thursday 8 pm
    An in-depth look at the self-publishing and small press horror scenes. How to break in, get published and get your stories in front of readers. With authors Sass Cadeaux, Stephen B. Pearl, Karen Dales and Alan Draven. Moderated by Monica S. Kuebler.

    This was about genre small press and independent authors. I represented the small press, as my books have been published by different small presses, discussing what they do and what to expect from them. The panel was interesting, informative and well attended.

  • A write up and video of the panel, by Jason Darrick, is available on the Dreadful Tales site.
    Direct link to panel video on You Tube.