Man Myth Magic Exposition 2012

     A new event focusing on the paranormal, spiritual and psychic worlds combing myths, legends, magic and the unknown, Man Myth Magic. Come and participate in this celebration of human mythology, spiritualism, and imagination. I am the primary featured-speaker and exhibitor.

Featured Speaker

     Author and creator / instructor of the popular You the Psychic, weekend seminar and other paranormal talks.

  • SIMPLE MEDITATION: Come experience a guided colour induced meditation.
  • THE LANGUAGE OF THE TAROT: Learn what the cards have to say by understating the symbolism of their images and the mysterious language of the western esoteric system.
  • AURA VISION: Come learn a technique for developing this intriguing and useful skill.
  • RUNES MESSAGES FROM THE NORTHLANDS: Come and learn a quick easy way to understand the inner mysteries of this ancient script.
  • PAST LIVES LOOKING BACK: We've all stared at the heavens and cried "why me?" at one time or another. Could the answer be in a life long gone?

Featured Exhibitor

     Stephen B. Pearl is a paranormal, fiction writer who has studied and practiced the metaphysical arts for thirty-six years. He has taught courses on developing PSI abilities at the college level and been a guest lecturer to the spiritualist society, as well as guest priesthood at Wiccan Church of Canada circles. The full cannon of his fictional work can be found on his website at:

     His currently available paranormal books are:

  • Nukekubi: A present day wizard must stop a Japanese goblin that is feasting on the people of Toronto.
  • The Hollow Curse: A centuries spanning tale of love and obsession dealing with reincarnation and magic.
  • Pagan Writers Press - Sabbath Anthologies: Samhain and Yule Editions: Short stories themed to match the nature of the Sabbath the book is titled for.
  • Worlds Apart: A love story between Marcus, a wizard from a parallel Earth, and Alcina, a Wiccan priestess from our world. She helps him save his world, and he helps her save her son from the fanatical cult the boy's father has joined. Along the way Merwin and Alcina fall in love. Available summer 2013.