Polaris 2012 - possibly the last one, hopefully not.

     I was at Polaris on the Saturday at a dealer's table. The people making the documentary Chasing Atlantis were there. It is an interesting project and I am looking forward to see the completed documentary about NASA's last Atlantis mission. I enjoyed the evening events. How many places can you be with two darlicks on the dance floor with you and survive?

Polaris 2011

     6 panels, sponsored the ice cream in the con suite - Friday Ice Cream Social and weekend afternoons.

    My blog has more details about Polaris 2011; the 56 litres of ice cream, 15 flavours that I purchased, packed and transported to Toronto, Ontario, as I, and my book Tinker's Plague, was sponsoring the ice cream social, etc. at the Con Suite; the joys of the con; interesting panels; and the bad hotel room plus the night-time fire alarm.

  • How to Judge a Book By Its Cover Friday 10 pm
    Book cover art can have an enormous impact on not only a book's sales, but also how it's perceived by the public. A good cover can make a book stand out in a bookstore and linger in the reader's mind after reading. A bad cover can turn off a potential reader before they've even read a word. How are book covers chosen? How do artists get into the field, and what does it take for a cover to truly stand out? This is your chance to find out.
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl, Julie E. Czerneda (M), Sarah McCully, Erik Buchanan

  • The Hundred Year Starship Saturday 11 am
    Supposedly, NASA is considering the development of one-way space missions into Mars or deep space. Would you volunteer on such a mission? Would planning and launching such a mission be a worthwhile use of NASA's resources? What might the endgame be?
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl, Eric Choi, David G. Stephenson, Patrick Mazerolle.

  • The Future of the Printed Word Saturday 2 pm
    More and more, traditional books seem to be on the road to becoming obsolete. Ebook readers like the Kindle, Nook, Kobo or iPad are huge sellers, and some major newspapers are going behind paywalls. Is print on its way out? And if so, what does this mean for the future of the industries that depend upon it, such as publishing, magazines and journalism?
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Neil Jamieson-Williams, Julie E. Czerneda (M), Kelley Armstrong.

  • Taboos in SF/F Fiction Saturday 4 pm
    Science fiction and fantasy can be out there genres to begin with. Are there any hands off topics still to be conquered? Is it the province of science fiction and fantasy to do this?
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl, Ira Nayman (M), Lisa Liscoumb.

  • Its Not Easy Being Green Saturday 5 pm
    Description: How effective are the emerging ?green? technologies and products? Are they just a marketing gimmick? Are green technologies the future, or are there other scientific solutions to be found for the problems of global warming and environmental sustainability?
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl, Liv Uhrig, David G. Stephenson, Mark Offer.

  • Maker Culture - DIY FYI Sunday 12 pm
    You might be aware of the growing culture of makers. Those who reuse, rebuild, innovate and create do so for all sorts of reasons. Are you a Maker? Did you attend the recent Toronto Maker Faire? Do you just want to know more?
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl, Vickie Kostecki

Batman characters - science fiction
The bat brigade.....

The Joker - science fiction
...and the Joker.
Batman characters - science fiction
The night wing, bat girl and Robin.

Polaris 2010

     5 panels + 1 panel on my own, masquerade.

     I have written in my blog about my fun and experiences at Polaris 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Below are some photos I took at the convention. I had an exhibitor table and was a panelist on several discussion panels, listed below.

  • Right Ways To Write
    Description: Some authors follow a pattern knowing where scenes will be and what will happen in them before they write a single word. Others have a world and characters in their head and effectively roleplay with themselves as they tap the keys, still others plot it out on cards. Authors discuss the pros and cons of their own writing methodology.
    Area: Writing
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl (M), Julie E. Czerneda, Tony Pi, Rob St. Martin, Derwin Mak.

  • When Burning Sage is not Enough...
    Description: Techniques and methods often used to protect oneself, and ones home from curses, spells, and other supernatural things going bump in the night.
    Area: Supernatural/Paranormal
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl (M).

  • Classic TV Crushes
    Description: As we age we all remember those actors and actresses who made us rush home and never miss an episode, who fired our adolescent fantasies and will always hold a warm place in our er umů hearts. Come and share your old crushes and flames in an accepting environment.
    Area: Retro Shows
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl (M), Lara Herrera, Genny Dazzo, David Clink.

  • Off The Grid
    Description: Energy self sufficient homes are nothing new but with rising energy prices and looming shortages they could become the norm. How will it happen?
    Area: Science & Technology
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl (M), Donald Simmons, Ian Stuart.

  • Trashing Other Planets
    Description: On our own planet colonization has decimated native species when invasive species have been introduced into foreign environments. How much worse will this effect be when we visit other worlds? Will we forgo colonizing viable biospheres in favour of terraforming dead worlds out of respect to the sanctity of alien ecologies or continue our path of destruction into the stars?
    Area: Science & Technology
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl (M), Eric Choi, Urania Fung, Karl Schroeder.

  • You are a Female Crazakny, Aren't You?
    Description: A, hopefully comic and embarrassing, discussion of human / alien romantic relationships the biological necessities, risks of procreation, disease transmission and cultural problems to be faced. All participants must be 18 or over.
    Area: Adult/Alternative Lifestyles
    Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl (M).
Strawberry Shortcake - fantasy
Strawberry Shortcake was there with her friends.

Steam punk teddy - science fiction
Steam punk ... expanding... to a really cute...

Steam punk teddy - science fiction
... steam punk teddy!
Mata Hari - reality based
Mata Hari

Stone angel, Dr. Who - science fiction
I hope the Doctor is around.
This costume won the best costume award, Stone Angel from Dr. Who.

Polaris 2009

     6 panels.

     I was not writing a blog when I attended Polaris 2009, so I do not have my panel list.