Akashic Record Path Working Meditation

Practical Recall Technique.

  • Maximum - Four times a week.
  • Duration - Three weeks to as long as you are comfortable.

     For best results read this exercise completely before attempting this meditation. You might also like to record the exercise and play it back for yourself as you perform it. If you do this, be sure to keep your voice soft and to a near monotone. Speak as if you were trying to sooth a skittish animal.

     Record only the sections between the lines that are not encased in brackets. Where I add metric measurements in brackets feel free to use the measurement system you are most comfortable with.

     Begin by closing your eyes and taking three deep slow breaths. With each inhalation feel calm flowing into your body. With each exhalation feel your tension flow away.

     In with calm, peace, harmony. Out with tension, stress, discord.

     In................. Out....................

     Feel the muscles around your eyes relaxing, releasing all their tension.

     Relax the muscles in your forehead; they grow smooth, soft, relaxed.

     Let the relaxation flow over your face, the muscles grow soft, calm, relaxed.

     The muscles in your neck grow loose, and relaxed.

     Relax your throat, calm and at peace.

     The relaxation flows into your shoulders, all the tension flows away. Your shoulders are loose, and relaxed.

     The muscles in your chest relax. Feel the muscles between your ribs grow loose. Breathing is so easy.

     The relaxation flows into your abdomen, it is soft, loose, free of tension.

     Relax the muscles in your groin. They are calm and relaxed.

     Relax the muscles in your legs. You can feel the bones in your legs and your body is at peace.

     Draw a deep breath and as you exhale picture the colour red. Feel all your physical tensions flow away. You body is calm, and relaxed.

     Draw another breath and as you exhale picture the colour orange. All the tensions within your body flow away, leaving you completely at peace.

     Inhale and as you exhale picture the colour yellow, your emotions grow placid, happy, relaxed.

     Inhale, as you exhale picture the colour green, you are safe, at peace, nothing can harm you here.

     Inhale deeply, as you exhale picture the colour blue, Feel your thoughts grow calm, like the surface of a placid lake.

     Inhale and as you exhale picture the colour purple. Your higher self is in harmony with the rest of your being, you are peaceful, happy, relaxed. The universe loves you.

     Inhale again and picture the colour violet, any remaining tensions flow away from you. You are relaxed, calm and happy.

     Draw a final deep breath and as you exhale picture a door in front of you. In the centre of the door is carved the image of an open book, and there is a large brass doorknob where you can easily reach it.

     You stretch out the hand of your thought body and grasp the knob. Turning it you open the door and look into the passage beyond. Stepping forward, in your thought body, you enter the passage and begin walking down its length.

     Eventually you come to another door identical to the first. Opening this door reveals a huge library. Stepping into the library you can see that its walls are easily twenty feet (six metres) away from you on either side and it stretches out before you farther than the eye can see. The walls on either side of you are full of books and there is a desk to your left, beside the door. Sitting at this desk is a librarian.

     Walk to the librarian and say you would like to examine the book of your lives.

     The librarian rises from his desk and guides you to a section of the library. When you arrive the Librarian pulls a single volume from the shelf, opens it, and sets it on a lectern before leaving. Thanking the librarian you move to the lectern and stare into the pages of the book. You may see nothing, or only a picture, or the book may be written in some arcane script, or possibly it will be in plain English. No matter what you see, study it, knowing you are absorbing information about who you once were.

     (5 minute pause.)

     Now close the book and return it to its place on the shelf. As you do this take note of the book's location so you can find it the next time without bothering the Librarian.

     You start walking towards the library's door, pausing only long enough to wave good by to the librarian before you step into the hallway and close the door behind you. You walk down the hall, stopping at the second doorway. Looking through you see your body below you. Stepping past the door you close it behind you, then settle comfortably into your physical form.

     Take a deep breath and picture the colour violet, your consciousness is becoming aware of the world around you, while remaining calm and at peace.

     Take another deep breath and picture the colour purple. You are in harmony with your higher self and the universe loves you.

     Inhale again and as you exhale picture the colour blue, feeling your thoughts return, they are calm, happy, at peace.

     Inhale and as you exhale picture the colour green, feeling yourself returning to the everyday world, while remaining calm, and relaxed.

     Take a deep breath and picture the colour yellow, feel your emotions return to you. They are calm and happy.

     Take a deep breath and picture the colour orange. You begin to become aware of your surroundings, while remaining relaxed and at peace.

     Take a deep breath and picture the colour red, feel yourself return to the everyday world, while remaining calm, relaxed and at peace.

     When you feel ready open your eyes, returning fully to regular consciousness, feeling relaxed, calm, happy and at peace.

Some Difficulties

Difficulty Relinquishing Control

     Knowledge is control, control of one's destiny, the ability to understand where you have been and where you are going. This meditation will give you that control. Think about it.

Strange Visualisation

     This can happen for many reasons. Some are mistakes people make performing the meditation. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Did I forget to put the book on the door? There are many potential pathworkings, if you do not tell your subconscious mind in its own language which one you want, you can find yourself following any of them. In this kind of pathworking always put the identifying symbol on the door.

  2. Did I force my Librarian into a form of my choosing? This can happen and it usually doesn't invalidate the meditation, but it can. Did the Librarian start looking like one thing, then change to another?

  3. Am I ready for past life information? Earlier I mentioned that in meditations you will never receive information you can't handle. Maybe you should practice other meditations for a time and come back to this one latter.

Weird Librarian

     The librarian can take a verity of forms and ultimately the form is unimportant. What I will caution is that the librarian should never be frightening. Crotchety is OK, frightening isn't. If you ever find your librarian frightening, abandon the meditation and return immediately to your physical form, closing the door behind you. It probably means you are not ready for what you would learn if you were to open your book that day.

I Saw Nothing in the Book

     This is common, what will happen is that as you continue with this meditation you will start to have flashes, strange, deja vu feelings and bits of memory cropping up in your everyday life. These will be from your past lives.

     An open mind is not convinced it is simply willing to be convinced by the evidence presented.