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Meet Stephen B. Pearl

at these conventions and festivals:

  • Art Crawl, Hamilton
  • Book Crawl, Hamilton
  • Ad Astra, Toronto
  • various virtual conferences

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Stephen B. Pearl

Contact & Links

Amazon author page

     Please visit my Amazon author page to see my currently available books, videos, information and discussion.

Book Stores

     I will be at the book store for autographs, book purchase and to talk to. Please see my Facebook page for these updates Facebook, Stephen B. Pearl.

Conventions and Festivals

     My appearance updates are listed on my Facebook site.

     I was at the events listed below as a guest panelist.

  • Con-G anime and geek fandom convention, February, Guelph, Ontario.

  • Ad Astra science fiction and fantasy convention, April, Toronto, Ontario.

  • Eerie Con science fiction and fantasy convention, April, Niagara Falls, New York State.

  • Faery Fest Enchanted Ground, celebrating fantasy in the arts, June, Guelph, Ontario.

  • Polaris was a science fiction, fantasy, and beyond, convention, July, Toronto, Ontario.

  • Pirate Festival, August, Milton, Ontario.

  • Fan Expo comics, science fiction-fantasy, horror, anime and gaming convention, August, Toronto, Ontario, author guest and panelist.

  • Locke Street Festival, outside Epic Books on Locke Street, September, Hamilton, Ontario.

  • Super Crawl arts festival, market place, September, Hamilton, Ontario.

  • Word on the Street festival 2012, authors' row, September, Toronto, Ontario.

  • GenreCon action, fantasy, horror and science fiction convention, all night gaming, SharpCuts Indie Film and Music Festival, October, was November, Guelph, Ontario.

  • Man, Myth, Magic Exposition, as featured speaker and exhibitor, October, Mississauga, Ontario.

  • World Fantasy Convention, attendee, November 2012, Toronto, Ontario.

  • SFContario science fiction and fantasy convention, radio play, November, Toronto, Ontario.

  • Eden Mills Writers' Festival on Youtube, September, Eden Mills, Ontario.
    Yes, the village in the novel, Tinker's Plague.

Batman and Bat girl - science fiction

Stone angel - science fiction

Storm trooper - science fantasy

anime costume

Nukekubi - urban fantasy, detective novel

Book shelf - post apocalyptic, science fiction Tinker's Plague



  • Reviews are listed with the appropriate book.


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Stephen B. Pearl in his Tinker costume

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